This is us.

Stills + motion visual production team

I find it difficult to write about myself, especially in any positive way. maybe the sense of insecurity is what keeps me pushing towards growing as an artist and delivering what my clients consider to be exceptional work. The best thing I've done for the studio in years is bring on Sue Kessler as a producer, amazing friend and all around sponge of knowledge and knowhow. So I used AI to write our intro. Totally nailed it for Sue. Enjoy!

Written by chat GPT-

Meet the dynamic duo behind the lens: Matt and Sue. Hailing from New Haven, Connecticut, they're the driving force behind a bustling production studio that knows no bounds. Matt, the visionary director and masterful still photographer, brings stories to life with his unique perspective and creative eye. Sue, the ingenious producer and all-around creative problem solver, turns ideas into reality, seamlessly orchestrating projects from conception to completion. Together, they form an unstoppable team, crafting captivating visuals that transcend borders. From local projects to global ventures, Matt and Sue's studio is a hub of creativity that knows how to capture the essence of every story they tell.

Matt Branscombe

Director | Still Photographer

Not usually sitting down on the job, Matt is driven by a genuine passion for visual story telling. Understanding the clients needs and turning concepts into captivating visuals is what Matt does best. capturing the ordinary moments that often hold the most extraordinary stories


Sue Kessler Producer

Casting director | Assistant director

With several award winning acting and filmmaking credits to her name, she brings additional talents to the BSC team and increases their versatility as a studio. As a creative problem solver, she loves being a team player to allow for the highest quality production and client satisfaction.