The studio

Our studio lives tucked in the corner of an old factory building called Erector Square, a facility once used to manufacture Erector Sets in the 80's. It's not a perfect modern space like you might expect in LA or NYC but it's character has allowed us to create endless unique sets utilizing all parts of our studio and our building. Matt and Sue both have a history with carpentry which has come in very handy when building sets to spec for our clients or modifying existing set pieces on the fly to meet a clients needs.

Set design, product styling and prop styling play a huge part in a successful studio production. Even though we now have a masterful team of set and prop stylist partners, Matt did all his own set design and propping for years so it wouldn't be a strange sight to see him on his hands and knees taping a carpet down, on set making the product look perfect or even prop shopping the night before a shoot all with the goal to make his vision and interpretation of the clients needs come to fruition. And not to be outdone, Sue Kessler came to BSC Studio as a producer but now provides equal value as an assistant prop stylist, set builder, casting director and honestly all around go-to person.

We offer a variety of set builds to fit your projects needs